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Competitive Analysis

The Usability Team can help you assess the competitive landscape for your product or solution, and can let you know where you stand in comparison to your competition. We use a unique scoring system to break down a variety of metrics like brand strength, overall and detailed usability, quality and implementation characteristics, and other areas specific to your product and its market.


A competitive analysis is perfect for getting a baseline measurement on a product's position in its market, as well as pinpointing how competitive pressure may be adversely affecting adoption of your product. Assessing a product alongside its competition can yield a list of recommendations that will target increased sales, a better go-to-market strategy, and also specific areas for improvement of the product's design.


In a competitive analysis, the Usability Team compares your product or solution to its competition. We first develop a list of metrics and an evaluative procedure by which to assess each product. These metrics will be both general (usability, quality, market fit) and specific to your product's type, domain, and platform. For each metric, we will assign a scoring system, so that we can both qualitatively and quantitatively rate your product's position relative to its competition.

How Long Does it Take?

Overall Process: 3-4 weeks

The Competitive Analysis process varies in duration based on the number of metrics we select, as well as the number of competitors. The initial design of the evaluation, as well as selection of the competitor's to evaluate, takes roughly one week. The evaluation itself can take another 1-2 weeks, as we work with each competitor's product, as well as yours, and gather data to feed the metrics we've selected. Finally, we will analyze the data and prepare a detailed report. This report will contain not only results from the evaluation, but also quantitative ratings for your product as compared with the competition, and specific recommendations on how your product's design, its implementation, or its go-to-market strategy can be amended to gain ground on the competition.


A competitive analysis typically takes place during the "Plan" phase, but can actually be deployed with successful results at any point during the development lifecycle.

Questions Answered

A Competitive Analysis can answer many key business questions:

  • Why aren't my sales where they should be? - Missed sales projections can often be a result of competitive pressures, whether they be marketing, usability, or quality related. We can help you pinpoint where and why you are losing sales.
  • How can I fix my product? - In many ways, evaluating how your competitor's have solved problems or implemented features can lead to answers about your own products.

The Usefulness Characteristic

Since we assess a product's marketing plan, design, user interface, and implementation, a competitive analysis can augment your products Usability, Quality, AND Market Fit.

Competitive analysis and website competitive analysis services from The Usability Team.

Do you know who is outstanding in your field?

Let The Usability Team conduct an unbiased survey of your competitive landscape.

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