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No Risk Usability

Think you can't afford usability?

Well, first of all, we believe strongly that you can't afford NOT to pursue usability -- intentionally, systematically, professionally.

But we are so confident in the robust ROI for usability support (and our experience and the research data bear us out!), we'll do the work for you for a relatively small percentage of the subsequent measurable benefit.

Let's talk about what your goals are, about your historical revenue figures and your projections. Then we'll propose a series of usability methods that we'll employ, for free. Then you and we will agree on your key business metrics -- sales, customer support burden, web site drop-off, abandoned shopping carts -- and agree on the percentage of the improvement due to our usability effort that you'll pay us.

An Example.

Say you are developing a new e-commerce site design. You're on a budget (who isn't?!), but you've considered including some professional usability help (hey -- you've read this far!). You call us up, and we discuss your situation (e.g., success of current site, availability of current use data, plans for new site roll-out, business objectives). The Usability Team derives a plan for usability support: some "contextual inquiry" of current user audiences, a pluralistic usability walkthrough of the emerging design, an expert review of a prototype, and some end-user lab testing before cutting live. This is a course of usability engineering that would cost in the mid-five-figures. We agree that we will do this work for no current pay, but rather for 10% of any revenue over and above your current projections, and 10% of any customer-support burden reductions over the first year. (We'll ask for payment on a quarterly basis.) What's to lose? If we do not increase your revenue and reduce your customer support needs, this effort has cost you nothing. If (and we are so confident we are eager for this sort of engagement!) the increased usability leads to increased revenues and decreased costs, then you still realize 90% of these benefits.

The ROI of professional usability is almost a certainty.

We are so confident in the robust returns from usability engineering that The Usability Team is willing to waive our fees for services for a 10% share of revenue uplift or cost avoidance that result from the release of the version that we usability test.

In lieu of such a profit-sharing agreement, we offer services with more traditional pricing structures. Please contact us for details.

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