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Usability Team Management

Is a QA manager writing performance reviews for your usability staff? Does one of your development managers chafe at the number of "mental cycles" he has to devote to negotiating goals and objectives with a cognitive psychology new hire? 

Team Management services from The Usability Team ensure that your usability specialists have appropriate and accurate documentation for all of those "touch points" that Corporate HR requires. One of our principal partners will be dedicated to providing your usability staff with management services for activities like:

  • Job descriptions
  • Goals and objectives
  • Mid-year performance reviews
  • End-of-year performance reviews
  • Opportunities for training
  • Behavioral and achievement-based interviews for job candidates.

Obviously, this kind of in-depth analysis requires familiarity with your usability team members' knowledge, skills, and abilities. We offer Team Management services to clients who utilize our Gold or Platinum Remote Mentoring services on an annual basis. Contact us for details.

Usability management services from The Usability Team.

Usability groups are usually a little different.

They aren't like developers and they aren't like QA testers. You might not even be exactly sure what they do or whether they are doing it well.

We can help you figure that out.

The Usability Team - Usability Consulting Services

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