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Testimonials for The Usability Team

From a Vice President of Product Evolution Design for a offshore development firm.

"Rich and I worked on a number of projects together to encompassing user experience research, design, and evaluation (testing). Each effort was treated by Rich with enthusiasm and professionalism. His comprehensive usability expertise was evident across the board demonstrated by how efficiently he worked, attention to detail, and his ability to turn complex concepts into simple solutions for both our users AND our clients! I would put him in front of a client any day."

From a Senior Architect at a large insurance company.

"Scott... has the unique ability to recognize inconsistencies in software user interfaces by putting himself in the place of the system user. I highly recommend Scott for any position that is related to software design and usability."

From a Development Team Lead at a large insurance company.

"Scott has a great feel for user interface design. His thoughtful approach to usability testing our application resulted in dramatic improvements in our application's UI"

From an Application Development Consultant at a large insurance company.

"I worked with Scott when building my current project. It is a user-facing system that replaces an older utility. Our goal in this project was to minimize the amount of time and effort that was required for the user to get in and out of our app. Although I'm learning, I'm not very good at making highly usable applications. Scott helped us create a great application that has received rave reviews from our users for its tremendous usability improvements over the previous version. Scott's guidance and insight into our problem was awesome, especially considering the fact that he didn't really have much experience at all with the previous version of the application; he just listened to our goals and gave recommendations. I would highly recommend Scott's role as a usability consultant to anyone."

From an Instructional Designer at a large insurance company.

"I had the pleasure of working with Scott at (a large insurance company) on two different projects. He ran the usability testing on a GUI interface I developed for e-learning courses. His feedback helped streamline the interface and improved the overall usability. He also provided valuable direction during our website redesign. Scott asks good questions that help you evaluate all your decisions during the design and development process."

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